Skin Cancer Checks

At Gladstone Park Medical Clinic we will conduct skin cancer checks on any patient. Please ask the doctor for details on having a Skin Cancer Assessment. We have many very experienced Doctors who do skin cancer checks, take biopsies (if necessary) and conduct excision of the skin cancer/tumours.

Dr Human Delavari has had significant experience in Skin Cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Being certified at the SCCAA the Skin College of Cancer Australasia, he has detected many SCC, BCC and Melanoma and excised them successfully. Because of his vast experience, Dr Delavari consults directly with skin cancer patients. He has performed numerous biopsies and excisions himself and has extensive experience in the Dermoscopy diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. In this way, he ensures the very best clinic pathologic correlation of patients and results. If you would like an appointment to meet with Dr Delavari please contact the Clinic on 03 93302533