Have you had a skin check recently?

Jan 15, 2020News

Did you know that Australia has the second highest rate of Melanoma in the world and that two in three Australians will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer by the time they’re 70.

Are you at risk?  If found early, most skin cancer can be successfully treated.  But without treatment, skin cancer can be deadly.

All our doctors use Dermoscopy in the management of skin cancers and lesions.

Our practice is set up to undertake minor surgical procedures, including skin cancer surgeries.  If we can do the procedure at our clinic, there is no need for patients to attend day surgery or make a trip to the hospital.

Annual skin checks are important for the prevention and early detection of skin cancer and other diseases, along with patients regularly checking their own skin.

If you notice any new spots or changes in the colour, size or shape of existing spots or want to have an annual skin check, please made an appointment to see one of our GPs who specialise in skin cancer medicine & skin cancer interventions as soon as possible.