at Gladstone Park Medical Clinic. Our team at GPMC are available to help you with any of your concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the Coronavirus situation in Australia continues to evolve, the team at Gladstone Park Medical Clinic remains focused and committed to providing continued care to our community, whilst ensuring the ongoing safety to our patients, staff, allied health practitioners and GP’s.

Screening for coronavirus requires a dedicated space and appropriate equipment, and we can guarantee that we are equipped to safely offer Coronavirus assessments, testing and management.
Patients who have already made an appointment and have concerns, we encourage you to call our Clinic on 03 9330 2533 ahead of your appointment time, to discuss your concerns with one of our team members or our manager.
Remember the basics, if you have travelled overseas recently, have a cough, a fever or are feeling generally unwell, please consult one of our GPs immediately.

We will continue to update our advice as further information becomes available from public health authorities.